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Tissue Paper Poms

craft diy tutorial DIY Tutorials and Crafts party decor tissue paper poms tutorial

Tissue paper poms are the perfect way to make a dessert buffet or gift table stand out. They are affordable, fast, and more fool-proof then you'd expect.  Consider a swath of poms of different sizes, or a mass in all one color.  They also look amazing scattered from trees for an outdoor party. Just follow the steps below for simple, but elegant, party decor.

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  • Tracy O'Brien on

    Who knew these cuties were so easy!!!
    I can’t wait to make these!
    BTW…I think all of my scissors have dried glue on them…oh, and a little glitter!! Great tutorial!!

  • Roketa D on

    I heart tissue paper pom poms. They’re so easy to make and can add such a beautiful touch to the overall party feel and design. Very nice tutorial and pics are great!

  • Lisa @ HR Creative Design Studio on

    Love the tutorial! It was very easy to follow. Great job. Congratulate on your new blog it look great!

  • Kate Sanner on

    Great tutorial, Elizabeth!

  • Kristal (Atutudes) on

    I LOVE this idea! Super-Cute!

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