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Our Story

what we do.

Swanky Press has been offering invitations, holiday cards and hip, personalized gifts since 2007. We are passionate about design and a bit font obsessed, too.

Swanky Press believes that you should get exactly what you are looking for - not the closest thing that a big retailer happens to sell. We are happy to add touches and tweaks that make your personalized items unique to you. All of our designs include font and color changes at no additional charge.

The client-designer interaction at Swanky Press means that you get a product that truly represents your style and personality. After ordering, you are sent digital proofs by a real designer, not an automated 'bot. Your designer will work with you until your proof fits your style perfectly - offering any special touches you need. Unlike the big-box sellers, your personal designer will hand-typeset your order, making sure the layout & design perfectly compliment your greeting and/or photos.

where we started.

Swanky Press started simply. The founder, Elizabeth, was a mom of three who just happened to have a passion for paper and design. As a mom, she was unimpressed by the stationery and invitations that were available for her children at the mass retailers.  When she couldn't find exciting designs for her kids, Elizabeth decided to make her own.  Her kids loved the designs, but always had fun adding their own tweaks before printing.  The idea behind Swanky Press was born: a place where everyone can get something custom to their taste - and then tweak it until it’s perfect.

Over the years Swanky Press has grown, but has stayed true to the original concept. We want you to work with one person, have a real dialogue about your product, and get something that’s uniquely “you”. When you order, many of you will work directly with Elizabeth, while others may communicate with one of our other talented designers. Either way, we love to chat, we love to design, and we want you to be thrilled with your final product.

what we obsess over.

Yes, we obsess. Whether it’s having the thickest cardstock we can find, the most vibrant “red” in our prints, or the perfect detail is too tiny. It’s this obsessiveness over quality that has given us our great reputation, fueled by thousands of happy clients.

So what are our biggest obessions? Fonts. Illustration. Paper. Technology.  {and candy - but that’s a whole other obsession.}